Friday, October 4, 2019

Azure DevOps - Publish code as wiki–Advanced features

One of the features I really like in Azure DevOps is to publish your code as a wiki. This allows you to choose a Git repository, branch and folder that contain Markdown files. The markdown files are then published as pages inside the wiki.

Unfortunately when we take a look at the table of contents(TOC) we see all the markdown files listed in alphabetical order. Every subfolder is also shown as a wiki page even when it doesn’t contain any markdown files.

This is probably not what we want. Let’s improve the TOC…

Change the page order

To change the order of the files in the TOC, you can add a .order file to the repository.

Each .order file defines the sequence of pages contained within a folder. The root .order file specifies the sequence of pages defined at the root level. And for each folder, a .order file defines the sequence of sub-pages added to a parent page.

Inside the .order file you can specify each file name without the .md extension. An example:


By default, the first file that appears at the root within alphabetical order is set as the wiki home page.

Promote folder to page

Another annoying thing is that every subfolder is shown as a TOC item in the wiki although no page exists. It would be logical to have a wiki page for every folder. Therefore we need to create a markdown file with the same name as the folder as a sibling to the folder (meaning both the folder and the md file of the same name should lie next to each other). See the screenshot below:

Promote a folder to a page