Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Azure Strategy and Implementation Guide

Microsoft created another free e-book for every organisation that thinks about moving to the cloud: the Azure Strategy and Implementation Guide for IT Organizations. This book will guide you through the first steps of you cloud implementation process.
What is covered:
  • Chapter 1: Governance – This chapter covers the starting points, from the aspirational “digital transformation” to the important tactical steps of administration and resource naming conventions. Get an overview of topics such as envisioning, to cloud readiness, administration, and security standards and policy.
  • Chapter 2: Architecture – This section takes a longer look at security, touches on cloud design patterns, and provides several visual representations to help you understand network design.
  • Chapter 3: Application development and operations – Here, we cover backup and disaster recovery, as well as application development from an IT operations and management perspective. You’ll learn about the culture of DevOps as well as monitoring and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
  • Chapter 4: Service management – No, IT does not become obsolete when an organization moves to the cloud! This chapter focuses on service management and optimization, along with the day-to-day details of how to stay informed of the Azure roadmap, updates, and where to go when you need support.
You can copy your free copy of the e-book here (subscription required):

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