Friday, October 13, 2017

Angular: Analyze your webpack bundles

To optimize your application it can be useful to investigate all the things that are loaded and used inside your webpack bundles. A great tool to visualize this information is the webpack dependency analyzer:

From the documentation:

The Webpack dependency analyzer is a Webpack plugin and CLI utility that represents bundle content as convenient interactive zoomable treemap

webpack bundle analyzer zoomable treemap

This module will help you:

  1. Realize what's really inside your bundle
  2. Find out what modules make up the most of it's size
  3. Find modules that got there by mistake
  4. Optimize it!

How to use it inside your Angular app?

  • Install the bundle through npm:
    • npm install webpack-bundle-analyzer
  • Update your package.json with an extra command:
    • "analyze": "ng build --prod --stats-json && webpack-bundle-analyzer dist/stats.json"
  • Invoke the command through npm
    • npm run analyze
  • A browser window is loaded at

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