Monday, March 27, 2017

NPM–Exclude files from your package

By default NPM will include all files as part of your package. But how can you exclude certain files?

To support that scenario NPM has the concept of a .npmignore file similar to a .gitignore file(Note: in case there is no .npmignore file, but there is a .gitignore file, nom will ignore the files matched by the .gitignore file).

.npmignore files follow the same pattern rules as .gitignore files.

Additionally, everything in node_modules is ignored, except for bundled dependencies. npm automatically handles this for you, so don't bother adding node_modules to .npmignore.

The following paths and files are never ignored, so adding them to .npmignore is pointless:

  • package.json
  • README (and its variants)
  • CHANGELOG (and its variants)

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