Friday, February 10, 2017

IIS - TCP Binding and multiple host headers

On one of our servers we have the following situation:

  • We have 2 websites configured in IIS; one for development and one for internal testing.
  • Both of these websites expose HTTP endpoints.
  • These endpoints are using the same ports but are separated by using different host headers.

The problem started to appear when we tried to do enable the TCP binding on both sites. Although we didn’t get an error message, we noticed that when we invoked our service through the TCP endpoint, we always got data back from the development environment.

To fix it, we have to update our bindings in IIS.

  • Open the IIS Manager
  • Select the first site. Click on Bindings.


  • Choose net.tcp binding from the list and click on Edit…
  • Update the Binding Information from 808:* to


  • Repeat the same steps for the second site but this time change the Binding Information to

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