Monday, September 21, 2015

Team Foundation Build 2015–Custom Build Tasks

Team Foundation 2015 introduces a new build system where they move away from the XAML based build templates. Instead you get a new system offering the following advantages:

  • Easy customization(at least easier than customizing XAML workflows)
  • Cross platform support
  • TFS web portal integration
  • Simpler build agent deployment(xcopy install)
  • Better control of agent routing(through the definition of agent capabilities)
  • Azure continuous deployment
  • And many more…


Microsoft offers a set of build tasks out-of-the-box but it’s easy to create your own. Best place to get started is the VSO-Agent-Tasks GitHub repo:

This repo contains the tasks that are provided out of the box with Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server.

This provides open examples on how we write tasks which will help you write other tasks which can be uploaded to your account or server. See writing tasks below.

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