Friday, July 10, 2015

NuGet–Reinstall an existing NuGet Package

For some application modules we are building, we are using NuGet as the deployment vehicle. Today I was working on the construction of the NuSpec file to see if the NuGet package is correctly configured and created. While testing, I didn’t update the package version, so I was always using the same version number.

The problem is that through the UI, there is no way to reinstall a package. You can only upgrade a package or remove one.  After browsing through the documentation I noticed that you can re-install an existing package from the Package Manager console using the following command:

Update-Package –reinstall <packageName>

This command was specifically created for my scenario, so problem solved I thought. However I noticed that although the package was removed and reinstalled, NuGet didn’t download the updated package from our internal NuGet server. Instead it keeps using the existing package in the Packages folder. Bedroefde emoticon

Anyone who had the same problem?

Note: Copying the NuGet package file manually to the Packages folder before calling the Update-Package command worked for me. This is of course a workaround and a better solution would be welcome…

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Kristof Mattei said...

Have you tried clearing your NuGet cache? I think it is in %AppData%\nuget\Cache

Or use the -NoCache parameter on the install command.