Friday, March 13, 2015

Common Weakness Enumeration

In software development, errors, bugs and mistakes are so common that we even have a website dedicated to it; Common Weakness Enumeration:

International in scope and free for public use, CWE provides a unified, measurable set of software weaknesses that is enabling more effective discussion, description, selection, and use of software security tools and services that can find these weaknesses in source code and operational systems as well as better understanding and management of software weaknesses related to architecture and design.

It offers a large list of (almost) everything that can go wrong inside a software project, frightening but also very insightful material!

For example, let’s have a look at weakness number 369, the good old ‘divide-by-zero’ exception:


Remark: Couldn’t find a better post for a Friday the 13th… Glimlach

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