Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Microsoft Azure: Using SSDs in Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Cloud Services

Recently Microsoft released a new set of VM sizes for Microsoft Azure. What makes these new VMs special is that they not only offer faster vCPUs (approximately 60% faster than the A series) and more memory (up to 112 GB), the new VM sizes also all have a local SSD disk (up to 800 GB) to enable much faster IO reads and writes.

If you are looking for even better performance, these are the VM sizes you need!


The new VM sizes include the following:

General Purpose D-Series VMs

Name vCores Memory (GB) Local SSD Disk (GB)
Standard_D1 1 3.5 50
Standard_D2 2 7 100
Standard_D3 4 14 200
Standard_D4 8 28 400

High Memory D-Series VMs

Name vCores Memory (GB) Local SSD Disk(GB)
Standard_D11 2 14 100
Standard_D12 4 28 200
Standard_D13 8 56 400
Standard_D14 16 112 800

To learn more about the D-Series please read this post.

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