Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Entity Framework Tooling: GraphDiff

While looking for a good solution to save a detached object tree using Entity Framework, I found the perfect solution:GraphDiff.
GraphDiff offers a set of DbContext extension methods for Entity Framework Code First, that allow you to save an entire detached Model/Entity, with child Entities and Lists, to the database without writing the code to do it. It has the following features to offer:
  • Merge an entire graph of detached entities to the database using DbContext.UpdateGraph();
  • Ensures concurrency is maintained for all child entities in the graph
  • Allows for different configuration mappings to ensure that only changes within the defined graph are persisted
  • Comprehensive testing suite to cover many (un/)common scenarios.
GraphDiff is really easy to use. Just take your object tree and tell Entity Framework how to attach the child objects:

More information here: http://blog.brentmckendrick.com/introducing-graphdiff-for-entity-framework-code-first-allowing-automated-updates-of-a-graph-of-detached-entities/

This is a must have for every Entity Framework user!

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