Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PhoneGap/Cordova: Introducing the cross platform WebSQL plugin

Some months ago, I did an attempt to integrate SQLite in a cross platform Android, iOS and Windows Phone PhoneGap application. It was a painful experience to say the least. We encountered a lot of isssues and in the end it was way to slow. Not a good first experience with using a SQL store on a mobile device…


So it makes me really happy to see that Microsoft Open Technologies published an open source WebSQL plugin for Apache Cordova and PhoneGap. This plugin allows developers to integrate a persistent SQL-based local storage solution in their Cordova apps using the exact same JavaScript code across Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows Store. Under the hood, the plugin is using WebSQL on iOS and Android, and the open source SQLite library on Windows devices. SQLite happens to be easily usable across Windows devices using the SQLitePCL portable Class Library published recently.

The plugin can be found on the Apache Cordova plugins registry

More information and the official announcement here:

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