Thursday, August 8, 2013

Simplify the debugging of Single Page Applications: disable the browser cache

Browsers are really good at caching your data. Most time this is exactly what you need until you are building a Single Page Applications and continuously are changing the used HTML,CSS and JavaScript files.

To simplify the debugging process you can (temporarily) disable the browser cache:

  • In Internet Explorer:
    • Open the Developer Tools(F12)
    • Go to the Cache menu item and enable the Always refresh from server option.


  • In Chrome:
    • Open the Developer Tools(F12)
    • Go to the Settings by clicking on the small icon in the right corner:


    • On the Settings page check the checkbox next to Disable cache(while DevTools is open).


  • In FireFox:
    • Open FireBug(F12)
    • Go the Net menu item and click on the small arrow next to it. Select the Disable Browser Cache option.


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