Friday, December 16, 2011

Techniques to improve your training feedback: The happiness door

Useful feedback is one the best ways to improve your training skills. But how do you know what people think?

Of course you can always ask to fill in a questionnaire but that takes a lot of work, so you probably only do this at the end of your training. But this gives you only a general overview and actually it’s already too late. Wouldn’t it be nice to get feedback during the training and adapt immediately?

One feedback technique I’ll give a try during my next training is ‘The Happiness Door’ as described by Jurgen Appelo in this blog post: Don’t forget to read his tips before trying this technique.

The method is very simple. You ask people to give you immediate feedback after a training session. They do this by adding notes to on a wall or door and placing it next to the happiness index (5 = excellent … 1 = bad) they want. People can add empty notes or leave some comments.


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