Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Claims Based Authentication: SecurityTokenVisualizerControl

One useful control when developing Claims based web applications is the SecurityTokenVisualizerControl.

The Security Token Visualizer control (STVC) is a simple ASP.NET server control which displays in a compact layout useful information about claims-based identity in a web site secured with Windows Identity Foundation.

The STVC is intended to be a debugging aid, which helps you to inspect what identity info you are receiving from the STS without the need for attaching a debugger to your website. Furthermore, STVC spares you the repetitive task of writing code that retrieves and render claim values or other info about the incoming security token that are typically needed in the development & testing phases of your application life cycle.

Only the source code is available but you can easily compile it yourself. Go check it out:

Note: If you execute the installer without Visual Studio 2008 installed, skip the configuration wizard(it requires VS 2008).

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