Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unity 2.0

With the release of the beta of Unity 2.0, I took a quick look at the new/changed features.

Things I’ve noticed:

  • The objectbuilder is gone: The dependency on the ObjectBuilder2 assembly is removed and most of the code is now incorporated in the core assembly.
  •  Configuration support: Unity configuration can be done using the Enterprise Library configuration tool.
  • IsRegistered extension method: Checks if a type is already registered in the container. Can be useful in some situations where you want to avoid multiple registrations overriding each other.
  • Registrations collection: Similar to the diagnostics feature in StructureMap, you can now inspect the available registrations.
  • New lifetime managers: HierarchicalLifetimeManager and PerResolveLifetimeManager are added.

In a future post I look into more detail in some of this features. I especially hope to find some improvements in passing arguments when resolving types.

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