Saturday, September 5, 2009

Will MS Test always be the little brother of NUnit?

As the release of Visual Studio 2010 is coming closer, I'm looking more and more at the new and exciting stuff that will be provided. Features like the historical debugger, automated UI testing, and so on will make my life as a developer much easier.
But as a big believer in TDD, I spend a lot of time writing unit tests. I was always a little bit disappointed that the Visual Studio unit testing possibilities were rather limited, especially compared to the rich API provided by open source alternatives like NUnit and xUnit. While reading about the upcoming release of VS2010, I understood that a big investment was done improving the testing capabilities. Excited by this news, I started to play around with the beta 1, only to discover that nothing has changed in the Unit testing space :-(

Am I missing something? I think Microsoft is missing a big opportunity here, especially since people inside Microsoft are advocating unit testing themself.

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