Friday, March 31, 2017

Azure–Assign a reserved (public) IP address to an existing Cloud Service

A customer asked me to assign a static IP address to an existing Cloud Service in Azure. It took me same time to figure out the exact procedure to do this. So here are the steps involved:

  • Open the Powershell console and install the Azure Powershell commandlets(if you didn’t had done this already)
    • Install-Module AzureRM
  • Now let’s first login to Azure
    • Add-AzureAccount
  • You can check if you are logged in succesfully
    • Get-AzureAccount
  • Let’s activate a specific subscription
    • Select-AzureSubscription
    • Specify the SubscriptionName
  • Now you can convert the assigned dynamic IP for your cloud service to a static reserved IP address
    • New-AzureReservedIP –ReservedIPName MyStaticIP –Location "West Europe" -ServiceName MyServiceName

Remark: Executing the last command can take a while, so don’t panic if nothing seems to happen…


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